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November 2018

Found 2 blog entries for November 2018.

There are an awful lot of factors that go into selling a property.  Some more budget-minded sellers seek to minimize the amount of the sale price taken ‘off the top’ at closing- and may even be successful- but it is nonetheless important to consider every avenue of time and money that must be invested to market and sell a home. Let’s discuss five of the many reasons to work with a licensed real estate agent when buying and/or selling a home.

4 Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

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In Your Corner

As Randy Newman once said: “It’s a Jungle out there”, and it can be immensely valuable to have a real estate professional in your corner.  One of the items in your agent’s primary job description is to help his or her clients navigate the

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Selling your home can be a complex experience.  Why make it any harder than it has to be? You can avoid the headache portion of the experience by using a realtor and avoiding these 4 common home pricing mistakes (courtesy of

4 Common Home Pricing Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

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Asking Too Much

Starting too high on the asking price can drive away showings and potential buyers.  You could be forced to lower the list price later, which is not uncommon or even necessarily a bad thing.  Nonetheless it is generally a better practice to price competitively in the first place than to put yourself in a position to have to keep slashing prices. 

Asking in a Weird Way

Picking an uneven or uncommon asking price (for

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