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The 10 Minute Home Walkthrough


I became intimately familiar with ‘walkthroughs’ shortly after entering the Florida real estate business in 2013.  With so many excellent homes in various states of repair at the time, a periodic checkup was extremely necessary! It has been a little while since I have done one so this column is as much of a refresher for me as it is informational for you, Kind Reader.  I am preaching to the choir a bit in this post since I have gone back and forth to Sunshine State several time lately restaging all of our luxury South Florida homes as we recover from Hurricane Irma. This process will obviously entail a thorough inspection of each home! So whether you are costructing an initial home walkthrough checklist or your final

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As we all unfortunately know, we were recently in the height of Hurricane season in the Western Hemisphere.  Puerto Rico is still reeling after Maria’s recent landfall. Texas & Louisiana are attempting to return to normalcy after Harvey. Irma left a trail of destruction in her wake on her way to (and through) the Caribbean and South Florida. Lives were lost and an estimated 6 million people were left without power before she died down to a tropical storm above Orlando, (as reported by Shelters took in an estimated 200,000 evacuees with the rest either taking to the roadways for hotels in Northern Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee or staying with family & friends. Many locals opted to instead hunt down plywood, tarps, & fastener

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3 Great Websites for Real Estate Research

 A Blog Series from your friends at Dreamscape Realty

When shopping for real estate online it’s always important to do your homework first.  What sites are the most accurate? What sites provide the most information? We here at Dreamscape Realty know this process can be daunting at first, but online research is indispensable these days.  Here’s a tidbit of simple wisdom you are probably already aware of: any effective market research strategy now involves the Internet, and for good reason! To make your search easier I put together a list of sites that I personally use throughout the course of my research and analysis- for both business and personal purposes.

You’ll notice that two of these sites might be

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Your Handpicked Southwest Florida Concert Update, August & September

Umphrey's McGee @ House of Blues Orlando 4/28/2017 

Attention, live music lovers: there are some good concerts in Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas coming up in the next couple of months.  In addition to the below events, there are many local bars & venues that regularly host local talent from around Southwest Florida.  I will be looking for upcoming live music opportunities and posting them to this blog for our much-appreciated visitors. Thanks for checking out our site! We will keep you updated as much as possible.

Here are a few personal recommendations for some good upcoming Southwest Florida music in August & September.

Sunset Celebration

Every Friday & Saturday, Fort Myers Beach

Live music, arts & crafts, and

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Fort Myers Beach is a happening spot to be sure, but at 18275 Cutlass Drive you get the best of both worlds. Take a tour of this gorgeous waterfront mansion located on a sleepy Fort Myers Beach canal just seconds away from Estero Boulevard- where not only the beach but an array of resorts, restaurants, bars, and shops await you.

Bask in the luxury of waterfront living. You're a few blocks away from one of the busiest beaches in Southwest Florida, yet you wouldn't know it from the quiet comfort to be found on Cutlass Drive. A fully modernized kitchen contrasts with the immaculate marble and stone architechture; a gorgeous pool and dock await outside. You might consider it 'Renaissance Reborn.'

 18275 Cutlass Drive

Thanks again for

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In search of a luxury home for sale in South Florida? Take a virtual tour of this gorgeous ranch located at 15840 S Pebble Lane in Fort Myers.

Look no farther than this offering from Dreamscape Realty.  One of my personal favorites, this little kingdom is located in the Southwest Florida city of Fort Myers close to US-41 and countless other Lee County landmarks.  This is one of the fastest growing areas in South Florida and presents plentiful opportunity for both business and pleasure. Numerous beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, amusement parks, and watersports options abound in this area. You’ll definitely never run out of things to do!

Our sprawling ponderosa at 15840 S Pebble Lane is nestled among the palm trees and has all the space you’ll

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How can I create an effective real estate brochure?

Recently the Dreamscape Realty team has been working through getting that first run of brochures brainstormed, engineered, populated, and printed. Effective marketing tools are important anywhere but especially in the South Florida real estate market. There are so many great choices out there and it seems crucial to establish an effective market presence and brand identity so that your listings stand out! This process is one I have been trying to become more educated on. It’s definitely something that requires a team effort with each individual fulfilling a role specific to his or her strengths.  Last week we finished our first run of print brochures advertising our listings and I am excited to

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Cape Coral/Fort Myers #2 on “Ten Places Everyone’s Moving to in 2017”
By Ethan Maas (Project Manager, Dreamscape Realty)

      A story caught my eye this morning during my coffee/social media session. (a well-known destination to those familiar with the real estate business) released their “Top Ten Cities Everyone’s Moving to In 2017”.  Guess what was number 2 on that list?  That’s right, the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area.  I was initially shocked by this because although there is plenty to do on the SW Florida coast I had assumed most of the growth was in one of the larger ‘population centers’ close by (ie. Tampa Bay or Miami). As I pondered my personal experiences with the area and did a bit more research, it did become clear why the Lee

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house with canal and dock in Fort MyersAbout Fort Myers Real Estate        

Fort Myers real estate has been booming as of late.  It is a great place to live and work and the wide variety of homes available will fit anyone's budget or property type.  According to, most of the homes for sale in Fort Myers, FL are within reach of any discerning home buyer:  the median listing price for Fort Myers property is $250,000 at an average price of $141 per square foot. Homes in this area spend around 60 days on the market with a median closing price around $210,000 - which you'll notice is far less than the median listing price! Home values have risen steadily for the past couple years so it is still a great time to invest in a home; investors who bought after the crash will be looking to

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Greetings! Ethan from Dreamscape Realty here, thank you for checking out our blog! We just launched our new real estate website a few weeks ago and are excited to learn the ropes of online real estate marketing. Being a small new startup company, we are relatively new to the online aspect of the real estate business, but we have some great homes and an enthusiastic team working the markets! Our ideal mix of web content consists of not only having the ability to advertise our properties to prospective customers, but we also want to create interesting original content that anyone can enjoy.

Featured Blog Posts Coming Soon!

Beautiful Fort Myers Beach with seagullI'll be posting on this blog frequently so be on the lookout for new and exciting articles coming your way. You'll find blog posts

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