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Car shows cater to horsepower enthusiasts throughout Florida

Posted by Ethan Maas on Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 at 4:50pm.


 It may be winter in the rest of the United States, but sunny season is in full swing down in Florida.  This means sandy beaches, beautiful surf, natural tans, and big smiles are generally the norm. Another central aspect of Floridian culture: a love for the classic automobile. You can expect to see them all around the state’s highways and byways even more than usual at this time of year. Vacationers, businessmen, and retirees alike might sometimes enjoy cruising around in a ‘flashier’ car while heading to their leisure or work activity of choice.  In addition to its culture, Florida’s history represents the classic automobile well: both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford called Southwest Florida a second home.  Car shows take place year-round in the area at locations such as Edison and Ford Winter Estates and elsewhere.

Below:  A Ford Mustang shows its colors outside Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

 A blue Ford Mustang shows its colors at Edison Ford Winter Estates.

Take 'er for a Spin

Car shows not only put the style and beauty of our country’s automobiles on display: they also offer a history lesson to those who are willing to listen. For multiple generations in the Twentieth century, the American Automobile came to symbolize the societal ideals of individual freedom and creativity.  Automotive excellence has always been treasured value in this country as well around the world.  A beautiful classic car can sometimes offer a glimpse of the pride and loving attention given to those designing, building, and operating them! Historical icons are not just people: If you ask me, domestic and international icons from Thunderbirds and Corvettes, Ferraris and Lamborghinis deserve to be respected as well.  One way to do this is by attending an auto show!


A Pontiac Firebird is another example of a great classic car.

The Pontiac Firebird might be another classic car that comes to mind.


Cars and Florida history

One of the most recent car shows I attended personally was held at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida. Needless to say, for Ford enthusiasts it was truly a sight to behold; the Ford home set the backdrop for a showcase of the classic Mustang.  Attendees became acquainted with Mustangs throughout the ages, ranging from the classic ’67 and its unique look up through the Carrol Shelby GTs and more modern models.  (Attractions at the Ford Estates are not solely focused on cars, by the way:  the property boasts a beautiful garden, a laboratory, and museum for visitors to tour and enjoy.)

Posted below are pictures I took from car events I have attended. You can find car shows near you with a quick Web search or follow some of the links at the end of this article for more information. Specifically for you Southwest Floridians:  car shows happen frequently in your area! Visit for information on upcoming car shows around the Sunshine State.  Multiple car clubs around Southwest Florida and beyond offer comradery with fellow auto enthusiasts as well.  Enjoy these events! They are fun for the whole family:  as spectators or as participants.


Chrysler Corporation manufactured the DeSoto from 1928 until 1961.

Chrysler manufactured the DeSoto from 1928 until 1961.

Want to own one of these yourself?  Visit a trusted automobile dealership or utilize Internet search tools to drive one of your own!

This post comes to you courtesy of a collaboration with Dreamscape photographer and car enthusiast extraordanaire, Nick Allexon. Thanks for tuning in!


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